SeKure WSB

WSB Binder / Para Aramid / Flat

Fil-Tec proprietary patented water blocking process allows cable design engineers the ability of tailoring the absorption capacity needed to block water penetration. Our process also dramatically reduces dusting. This promotes a healthier work environment and reduces maintenance costs due to SAP powder dust abrasive effect on the equipment's moving parts. Aramid’s low elongation, low shrink and temperature stability characteristics coupled with Fil-Tec’s water blocking technology makes for the ultimate binder yarn.

Features & Benefits

  • For use in Fiber Optic and copper cables
  • High absorption capacity binder
  • Various absorption capacity factors available to optimize performance and cost
  • Proprietary patented process allows for our package to operate at 5000 RPMT speeds while maintaining package integrity and stability
  • Package build allows for excellent tension control
  • Aramid yarn for binding applications that require high temperature stability such as low shrink and low elongation to avoid tube indentation
  • Unique bonding technology reduces dust
  • Highest yield binder yarn due to our proprietary patented bonding process
  • Available in Dual-end (two ends wound in parallel) presentation
Product Base Denier Yield Yd/Lb Yield M/KG Break (lbs) Break (kg) Absorption (g/g) Profile
MA110-45 1000 2818 5678 47.2 21.4 45+ Flat
MA110-55 1000 3657 5353 32.8 14.8 55 Flat