Innovative Fiber Solutions

Fil-Tec Inc. is a technical fiber company manufacturing innovative products in Washington County Md. and Franklin County Pa.

Fil-Tec has been innovating the fibers of your home, work and play for over 40 years. Our cable and fiber optic technical yarns help deliver electricity, internet and mobile phone service to people and businesses worldwide. Inside your home, our specialty sewing threads can be found in your sofa, mattress and comforter. Such technical sewing threads are also critical components to outdoor cushions, awnings and boat covers as well as backpacks, tents and parachutes vital to our US Military. You will find our embroidery threads decorating your favorite shirt or hat and our quilting threads helping to create beautiful fabric art. At night, our wicks illuminate the candles in your home. Our specialty filtration products are critical components to the systems that clean and protect our environment and you depend on our high temperature materials in the furnaces that keep you warm.

Fil-Tec, committed to improving the fibers of your life.

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