Ripit WSC

WSC Slitting Cord / Para Aramid / Flat-Oval

Aramid yarns are twisted together to produce ripcords that rip through thick and armored jacket like a saw. The ripcords construction promotes an oval profile for less bulkiness. Fast swelling speed provides immediate protection from water penetration. Dependable ripping power even at below freezing temperatures.

Features & Benefits

  • Water swellable
  • With twist to rip through the thickest jacket
  • Ideal to rip through armored cable jacket
  • Strongest ripcord available
Product Base Denier Yield Yd/Lb Yield M/KG Break (lbs) Break (kg) Absorption (g/g) Profile
TA325-20 WS 3000 1,352 2,726 143 64.86 20 Flat-Oval
TA490-20 WS 4500 901 1,817 180+ 81.65+ 20 Flat-Oval