Ripit NWC

NWC Slitting Cord / Para Aramid / Flat-Oval

Aramid ends are twisted together to produce a ripcord that rips through thick and armored jackets like a saw. Yet the ripcord has a low profile. The aramid is non-wicking to inhibit water ingress via the ripcord. Provides consistent and reliable break free ripping performance even at below freezing temperatures.

Features & Benefits

  • Non-Wicking
  • With twist to rip through the thickest jacket
  • Ideal to rip through armored cable jacket
  • Strongest ripcords available
Product Base Denier Yield Yd/Lb Yield M/KG Break (lbs) Break (kg) Profile
TA325NWC 3000 1,430 2,883 145 65.77 Flat-Oval
TA490NWC 4500 933 1,879 180+ 81.65+ Flat-Oval