Comments From Our Customers

“Our quality people really love the way your Even Curl wick performs in our tapers.”


“We really love the Ultra Core wicks. We will not use anything else in our candles.”


“Your Rigid Curl wick is a thing of beauty.”


“I just completed a candle test using your new Rigid Curl wicks . . . I like the way these wicks burn, I think you guys are really onto something here”.


“Your wicks worked wonderfully. They are so much better than the wicks I have been using all this time. They are great!”


“It's the best wick I have ever used. I love your Ultra Core wicks in my jar candles. I was using zinc core wick from another supplier, but not anymore.”


“I saw the Test Lab pictures and they look great! Thanks for all the hard work you guys have been doing for us, we appreciate you and your company.”


“I tested the Ultra Core wicks you sent and they are the very best wicks that I have ever used.”


“I am using soy wax with 5% beeswax and your Ultra Core is the best wick I have ever tried and I have tried them all.”


“You guys are doing a great job! Best customer service I have ever received from wick company since 1997. Thanks Chip & Greg for all your hard work.”


“Thank you for all your hard work in helping me find the correct sizes of Ultra Core wick for my line of soy candles. I was using HTP for all my candles; but not anymore. I love the way the Ultra Core stands up during the pour and the way it burns in my candles.”


“I received my wick sample kit today. This was awesome of you. I have a votive burning with Ultra Core FT 1.705, I'm so thrilled I can't believe it. I love the flame height and the pool is wonderful. I'm going to let it burn for 2 hours then cool and start again. My candle is beautiful! This is the first great candle day since I started making candles.”


“Your Ultra Core is the best container wick I ever used.”


“I have been working on a soy based wax blend in a 3” diameter container. I have tested 30 to 40 different wick samples and your Ultra Core FT 2.164 is doing the best of all.”


“Don't tell anyone else about your magical wick.”


“I love the Ultra Core for a couple of reasons. They stay rigid and stable when I pour. They don't bend or move a bit. I don't even bother with wick holders anymore.”


“Our production people love the rigidity of your Ultra Core, it has made their job easier.”