Bobbin Line

Polyester / Plied / Soft

Wind your own bobbins with this bobbin thread that doubles as a top thread.

Features & Benefits

  • Produced from the same high tenacity polyester yarn as Magna-Glide, Clear-Glide, and Supra-Glide, Bobbin Line is great bobbin thread for embroidery.
  • Smooth, uniform thread surface provides optimum tension control in your bobbins and offers the flexibility to use this product as a top thread as well.
  • Its fine size makes it perfect for detailed stitches such as lettering.
Product Desc. Tex Size Metric Size Strength (lbs) Strength (grams) Needle Size (metric) Put-up
Mini Spool 12 240 2.0 907 -- 3900 Yards
King Spool 12 240 2.0 907 -- 8200 Yards