Craq-Spun Nomex / Plied / Soft

For best sewing results, we recommend using Magna-Guard bobbins with our Blaze-Guard needle thread. Magna-Guard bobbins are produced from extra-long high performance Nomex fibers.

Features & Benefits

  • Fire-Resistant Bobbins (FR)
  • Wound on our patented magnetic core with provides flawless tension throughout each and every bobbin
  • Desired when complying with industry standards for fire, safety motorsports and other applications where safety standards are required
  • Available in customer-friendly quantities of 20 bobbins per jar.
Product Desc. Tex Size Metric Size Strength (lbs) Strength (grams) Yards per Bobbin Put-up
Style L 27 120 2.3 907 60 Jar of 20