America's Knitted Wick

Fil-Tec’s unique patented knitted wicks are made in America. We have innovated the best capillary flow in the industry today.

Our three most popular wicks:

Ultra Core

100% Natural replacement for zinc core wicks.

Rigid Curl

Self-trimming replacement for less stable braided cotton/paper wicks.

Even Curl

A line of wicks developed for use in taper, pillars, votives, sticks and tea lights. A gentle curl that is self-trimming and reduces afterglow.

Our Candle Makers know the most important decision is wick selection.


Every candle maker is unique in the way they produce their candles. From the type of candle to the wax blend and scent; they are all different. If you need additional information on our candlewick products or just have a question please fill out the contact form below or give us a call at 1-800-258-5052. We will respond quickly to your inquiry.